О нас

In 2011 Elena Shifrina, founder of BioFoodLab, has assembled a team of enthusiasts to create a product that can be enjoyed and bring health benefits at any time. There and then it was decided that a unique feature of the company’s products will be the ingredients that any consumer will be able to read, understand and pronounce. d pronounce.

In BioFoodLab we create healthy and tasty snacks for adults and children. We have our own laboratory and factory in Moscow, where we produce all the products.

We make our snacks for people who understand that it is impossible to compromise choosing between tasty and healthy, natural and artificial. We want everyone to have the opportunity to buy products which include simple and natural ingredients.

The unique technology of our production, developed by BioFoodLab team, allows excluding chemical ingredients such as flavor enhancers, preservatives or flavorings from the formulation. Quality of the products is controlled during all the production stages from raw materials supply to the packaging process.

Для того, чтобы гордиться своим продуктом, мы стараемся сделать наше производство как можно более цивилизованным и этичным, поэтому берем на себя ответственность за влияние, оказываемое им на окружающую среду.

Наш выбор – здоровье и вкус, удобство и полезность, экономическая  надежность и социальная активность.

Простой. Натуральный. Вкусный. Take a Bite.

Ваша команда Bite!

Our details

The limited liability company "BioFoodLab”

INN/KPP 7708753075/770301001

Bin 5117746029902

OKPO 38218954

NACE 15.8 – Manufacture of other food products

Okogu 4210014

OKATO/OKTMO 45286575000/45380000000

Legal and actual address: Moscow, 123022, Rochdelskaya St., house No. 15, building 10

Postal address: 123022, Moscow, Rochdelskaya St., house № 15, construction 1, and/I 12

Phone: 8(495)504-36-99

Settlement account: R/with 40702810938170018253 in Bank SBERBANK of RUSSIA PJSC K/s 30101810400000000225 BIK 044525225

Director: Halishhow Murat Radikovich